Services & Amenities

Creating a Home for Your Loved One

Resident and Staff - walking together in our secured outdoor courtyard.

At Parkview Memory Care we aim to achieve the highest quality of life possible for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Through safe, stimulating, and nurturing environments we encourage and empower engagement and choice. Our residents experience respect, care, and personalized attention that dignifies each as a unique, accomplished individual. Our state-of-the-art designs, tested and established methodologies, and evolving creative therapies tap the best advancements available. And through it all our own family story keeps us ever present of our need to support you, the family, too because we are a family caring for families.

We hope that you will visit one of our Parkview Memory Care locations to see in person that, for creating a home in which your loved one can thrive, we are the best at what we do. Here are some of the most important philosophies behind our services and amenities that play a role in our success:


Vitality: Amplifying the Quality of Life

Vitality at Generations LogoAt Generations we believe quality of life is significantly enhanced though nurturing all areas crucial to wellbeing – mind, body, and spirit! No matter the age, limitations, or current health, with a thoughtful approach to engagement and health, anyone can reach a higher level of wellness.

Our Parkview Memory Care teams see vitality not as just a word, but as a guiding principle and wellness philosophy, impacting care, therapies, activities, fitness, culinary offerings, and even building design.


The ‘Best Friend’ Approach

Resident having lunch with caregiver at Parkview Memory CareThe very first key at every Generations community is “Cherish Our Residents” and it is what we do best.

At Parkview by developing close personal relationships with our residents, we are best able to nurture and trigger memories and create a sense of love, joy, reassurance, and security. We call this philosophy of care a ‘Best Friend Approach’, and it begins with each unique life story of who our resident is and has been, who loves them, who and what is important to them, what age they are in their mind, and what is familiar.

Equipped through a discovery journey with the family to navigate the resident’s truth, preferences, and reality as it is now, our team can tailor activities, care, and interactions to each individual. Over time our dedicated staff members become resident experts, engaged in and understanding of needs, abilities, and what best draws out moments of joys and connection. “The learning never stops,” says Lindsie, staff member at Parkview at Wheatland Village, “We are instrumental in maintaining their sense of self worth and happiness in their most uncertain world.”

This practical, engaging method, employed in a nostalgic comfortable setting, further establishes a sense of the familiar for our residents. The ‘Best Friend Approach’ allows us to align dementia care with the realization of our mission – Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!


Activities: Something for Everyone

Activities for residentsVitality starts with engagement. We make a point of integrating an abundance of ever evolving, innovative, and varied offerings to help enhance all aspects of wellbeing for every resident.  And we do this in a way that allows each individual to discover and explore these options at their own pace, in their own way.

Our activities, both structured and unstructured, are selected and planned in a way that anyone can participate.  Personalizing options to meet the interests of the individual and give a sense of comfort encourages participation and can inspire positive self-image and sense of accomplishment.

Examples of this are many. One favorite example is our baking program. Some individuals measure and mix ingredients, while others may enjoy tasks like rolling dough, cutting cookies, or filling a pie crust with ingredients. Some may excel at baking the goods, and others watching for cues and carefully observing all the steps. Another example of a popular activity is our horticulture program.  Again, a variety of roles allow residents to fit in according to their strengths and abilities.  Some prefer to dig in the dirt, get their hands dirty, and work on planting.  Others may be best suited to water and feed the plants.  And everyone can benefit from watching as the plants go through germination and grow.

Our staff, our residents experts, compassionately engage each person with sensitivity to their emotions, ability, and interests that may thrive and find joy.


Snoezelen Therapy Room: An Exploration for the Senses

Snoozlen Room with resident sitting

At Parkview Memory Care Communities residents and visitors alike cannot help but be drawn into the Snoezelen Room. Equipped with fascinating hand painted murals and professionally designed sensory tools that enhance one or more of the five senses -taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, Snoezelen Therapy offers a truly unique and innovative treatment for symptoms of dementia.

This room removes the feel and reality of a normal room. With the lights dimmed, it is an area where memory care residents can enjoy tactile sensations of hand held objects, find relaxation and thoughts stirred through scents of aroma therapy, listen to calming sounds, music, and birds, and watch delightful projected images and the moving colors of the bubble tube. It is a journey for the senses.

For many residents, especially those with a tendency to wander, the Snoezelen Room offers the physical and mental stimulation to challenge a state of agitation, confusion, worry, and sadness. In fact, family members often enjoy time together here exploring the novelties in calming recreation. The Snoezelen Therapy Room creates an environment to nourish inner peace through the senses, provide stress management, trigger memories, and spark focus and conversation.


You Are Our Family Too

Resident and caretaker walking into chapelWe are here for you and ready to guide and support you as you go through the journey of having a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. As your relationship changes and the need for new skills sets for interacting increases, the team at Parkview Memory Care is here to create successes for you and your family. We are here to create an environment where our residents can thrive, so their families can focus on what is meaningful – celebrating capabilities and moments together.

At Parkview, we encourage your participation and have an array of services available for family members.  Our story is about family afterall. We hope to be a resource for you, provide comfort and confidence in the care we provide, and help you on the path of learning to live in your loved one’s changed reality. A few of our many opportunities include:

  • Our Open Environment that encourages comfortable family visits.
  • Fun Family Nights at Parkview, a great way to gather and celebrate time together.
  • Group Training and Education Events on important issues related to Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Outreach and Community Resource Coordination for residents and their family.

Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!