Our Story

Parkview: A Family Tradition of Excellence

Parkview Memory Care Founder, Wendell White, as a child at the first senior living community in 1943.

Founder, Wendell White, at the original Parkview Groundbreaking

Our Parkview Memory Care Communities, each nestled within a larger Generations Community campus, are part of a rich history. What is more, the name Parkview has great significance to Generations Family primarily because Parkview was our beginning.

The first Generations Family Community opened in 1943, when Founder Wendell White’s grandparents, Mabel and Alonzo, decided to dedicate themselves to a vision of providing quality care in a home-like environment. They proudly named this community Parkview. Here Wendell developed, right along with his grandparents, a great family pride in always pursuing excellence and for creating the best possible environment and care for residents who were like family.

Wendell went on to shepherd into being what was then a brand new concept – Assisted Living. Bringing something to the health care industry that no one had ever seen before, he applied a creative and innovative mind to an industry that was previously so institutional, paying attention to every detail of design in order to make the environment feel like home. Putting in a pool, restaurant-style dining, and comfortable social gathering spots, carefully considering hallway length, and insetting apartment doors so residents could personalize their home’s entryway are among just a few of the details he gave great focus to. Wendell dared to be different, feeling these things were necessary to not only cultivating a welcoming and handsome setting worthy of the people who would call us home, but to encouraging a lifestyle that celebrates living at any age.

As we expanded, the Generations Family, through a variety of partnerships, founded large beautiful resort-style campuses that support services and amenities for a variety of needs. Each unique campus offers Independent Living and Assisted Living, with some having established additional excellence through expansions providing Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation.

These innovative communities have proudly served tens of thousands of people and have attracted employees of incredible ability and compassion who have fostered a beautiful community culture. But it is our Memory Care Communities to which we give the name Parkview, a dedication in tribute to the past that built us. We have also chosen this name, so special to us, in recognition of our commitment to our mission and values. In this way Parkview, representing our past, our passion, and our purpose, heralds the best of who we are. And we just wish Mabel and Alonzo could see us now.



Our Mission, Vision, Motto, and Values

Founded on values that recognize that what we do is a privilege and a continuously developing and responsive technique, we are committed to our mission – Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!

This overarching principal, our mission, molds the tenants that pave the direction of the company culture, which can be felt in our vision – We will ‘redefine’ what it means to ‘retire’ by exceeding expectations and continuous innovation.

Our Generations Family motto came to being one day during an interview for the 2012 Large Family Business of the Year award. A young member of our 5th generation explained to the representative from the Austin Family Business Program one of the reasons he felt we were successful – “We are a family caring for families.” Stunned at the way this perfectly and simply captured the outlook of us all, we decided our motto had been born.

The values we hold dear today have changed little over the course of the decades. We Believe in…

  • Cherishing our Residents
  • Cherishing our Employees
  • Cherishing our Vitality Culture
  • Cherishing our Trophy Assets
  • Cherishing our Fiscal Responsibility

Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!