Moving Into Memory Care – How to Avoid Meltdown

Moving Into Memory Care – How to Avoid Meltdown

Moving DayHow do I move Dad and avoid a possible melt down?
Insight from Jolene Brackey:

Be sure to have at least 5 things with you that will give him comfort. A bag of goodies to ease the transition ie: his favorite snack (nibbling relaxes us); his favorite drink; a hot wet wash cloth is more potent then medication; ask him to hold the bag (something in his hands may give him comfort); a ball cap or farm cap if he would normally wear one (feel more protected under a cap); and use the least amount of words possible.

Avoid trying to explain or even talk about the move, but focus on the ice cream stop you are going to make. Help “ground” him ie: blanket on his lap, hand on his shoulder, noticing a bird or flower, slow movements, and easy tone of voice.

The person that has the “calm”personality is the one who is with the person with dementia. The others are behind the scenes, moving their “place of comfort” and everything around it, their bed and everything around it, and something this person Loves Loves into their new place. Avoid buying anything new. It is the familiar things that give us comfort.

Before you move anything, take a picture of the person’s current bedroom and living room and then arrange the new room and decorations as closely as you can to their previous home.

Moving is difficult, so expect it to be difficult and that is OK too.

Discovering she had a gift for creating positive outcomes and moments of joy, as well as for guiding family and professional caregivers through the Alzheimer’s journey, Jolene Brackey established her company, Enhanced Moments, to share, connect, and teach. The above used with permission by Jolene Brackey.

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